Volvo B5RLEH


Saving fuel, reducing emission
In Europe, hybrid technology has proven to save over 30% in fuel consumption, reducing CO2 emissions by the same amount. And when it comes to nitrogen oxides and particles the reduction is even greater; up to 50% compared to the average Euro 5 diesel bus.

The solution itself the parallel hybrid, is highly efficient, the Volvo I-Shift gearbox provides optimised conditions, the batteries are kept in the best possible condition by providing both cooling and heating.

Standstills without noise or exhaust
At higher speeds the diesel engine takes over while at the same time recharging the batteries. Since the electric motor serves both as a motor and a generator you actually recharge when driving and braking. While idling at a red light or bus stop the diesel engine is shut off, resulting in zero emissions. 

The Volvo Parallel Hybrid solution
The Volvo B5RLE Hybrid has active temperature-controlled lithium-ion battery cells, with individual cell charge control. This results in reliable and efficient energy storage.  The lithium-ion battery has high energy-storage capacity, low weight and low environmental impact. It is optimised so that the Hybrid can run everywhere, regardless of climate. 

According to independent customer reports worldwide, the Volvo hybrid solution has achieved 97% availability for operation, making it no 1 in the world for uptime.