Front suspension
The low rigid front axle combines a low entry step with a tight turning circle and wide centre aisle.

Powerful EBS-controlled disc brakes with floating callipers are well-known Volvo safety components. The automatic gearbox has a built-in retarder, and for top-of-the-line safety you can opt for our Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

Simple service
The engine installation, cabling and connectors as well as all other service points are located for easy access. This provides for rapid and reliable service, a true Volvo hallmark.
Like every Volvo, the B7RLE performs an automatic function check at start-up. All electronics are multiplexed and communication takes place using a CAN bus network.

Wide rear door
Smart location of the cross-member allows for a full-width rear door.

Comfortable boarding
Electronically controlled air suspension makes for a convenient kneeling function.