Volvo 9700 coach features

Features of Volvo 9700

Driver's area
The comfort and convenience of the Volvo 9700 also extend into the driver’s area. The seat is perfectly shaped and equipped with suspension and other functions. A clear and logical dashboard layout, with all controls within easy reach, contributes to convenience and safety. Just as Volvo’s award-winning Alcolock, GPS navigation and electronic control of sun visors and windows.

Surrounded by comfort

Seats are the fundamental factor in coach comfort. That’s why we make them an integrated part of the entire coach, and with our new series of coach seats your passengers will enjoy comfort that is second to none. An original design by Volvo featuring the best materials.


Lighting, air conditioning, low noise and high sound quality complete the passengers’ surroundings. The large windows have efficient sun blinds, and there is a range of options available for tables and other handy features.

Volvo 9700 as you like it
You’ve got every possibility to tailor the Volvo 9700 to your operation. It is available in three different lengths, from 12 to 13.8 m. And in bogie version it can carry up to 12 m3 of luggage. Choose from two optimised equipment levels, Premium or Superior. Depending on the distances to be covered and your passengers’ expectations, one of the two will serve as a solid base for your preferred specification. And for further refinement, there is a range of value-adding options and accessories.


Powerful drivlines
Efficient driving requires an efficient and durable power source. Volvo’s new 11-litre Euro 6 engine combines strength, reliability and economy in a right-sized but equally powerful package. With 380, 430 or 460 hp and massive torque from very low revs, it will take your passengers to their destination swiftly and safely.



Volvo I-Shift
The smooth ride comes from the engine’s nature but also from the 12-speed Volvo I-Shift gearbox. It’s a genuine Volvo development and it’s designed to fully comply with the character of our engines. Rapid gear-changing, electronically controlled and especially adapted to coach touring. The control software is optimised for high average speed, low fuel consumption and fewer gear changes, which gives increased cruising comfort, extended mechanical lifetime and reduced emissions.

Long service life
A Volvo is built to last. The service intervals are long, due to the durability of the mechanical design. For example, the rear axle does not need attention until after 400,000 km on the road.


A solid base
The feeling of quality is apparent in a Volvo coach. One of the reasons is its structural strength and stability. This reduces noise, vibrations and harshness, providing quiet and steady ride comfort.


Trouble-free maintenance
Productivity is further enhanced by the long service intervals and trouble-free maintenance. And choosing a service contract will give you complete control of running costs and assurance that only Genuine Volvo Parts are used – and fitted by experts.


Full stop
Uphill, downhill, heat and icy winds. No matter the road conditions, Volvo safety remains. The brakes are very powerful and have electronic brake force distribution, which allows for safer driving. A powerful retarder can take care of much of routine braking and reduce lining wear.


Safety up front
At the front, the driver and guide are protected by Volvo’s safety systems – Front Impact Protection (FIP) and Knee Impact Protection System (KIPS). In the event of a frontal collision, the Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS), helps to protect other vehicles involved.