Volvo 9700

Volvo 9700 – Designed to boost your business
Euro 6

The Volvo 9700 is your ultimate business tool, delivering both productivity and versatility in every application. A well-equipped coach that is easy to adapt to your specific operation.

Comfortable charter? Untiring line-haul? Perhaps both? With new appealing design and a new fuel-efficient yet highly responsive Euro 6 engine, it appeals to drivers and passengers alike.

Volvo’s new Euro 6 engine range is even more fuel-efficient than its predecessors. However, fuel economy is not only a matter of engine specifications – it’s also about how the vehicle is driven and maintained.

With driver training, fuel management and optimised maintenance it is fully possible to make fuel savings of up to 10%. Bottom line profit from day one.

Equipment may vary from one country to another. We retain the right to alter product specifications without prior notification.