Modern, powerful and fuel-efficient

The engine in the Volvo B7R, the Volvo D7, is a modern 7-litre, six-cylinder common rail diesel engine with a turbocharger and an intercooler. It meets the Euro 3/Euro 4/Euro 5 emissions requirements.

Powerful brakes
The brakes on the B7R are of the same effective type as fitted to Volvo's larger buses. The brake area totals 6,865 cm² and they offer high safety, immense durability and long service life. ABS anti-locking brakes are available as an option to further enhance safety levels. Asbestos-free brake linings have long been fitted as standard on all Volvo buses.


A well adapted powertrain
The rest of the powertrain is adapted to enable the engine to provide as much power as possible. There are two automatic transmissions from which to choose. Both feature an integral retarder for enhanced braking capacity. There is also a choice of two manual gearboxes from Volvo. Both the manual and the automatic transmissions have been developed to provide the best possible driveability and to harness the maximum power from the engine.

High degree of ride comfort
The Volvo B7R is fitted with air suspension, which effectively compensates for irregularities in the road surface and offers a high degree of ride comfort. Stabilizers are fitted as standard on both the front and rear axles, minimizing the tendency to roll.