Volvo 7900 Hybrid

Short facts

Passenger capacity: 102

Engine: Volvo parallel hybrid, 5-litre diesel/120 kW electric motor

Volvo 7900 Hybrid
- Saves up to 37 % of your fuel cost

The Volvo 7900 Hybrid is our second series-produced hybrid bus model. Its predecessor has been on the market for some years and both fuel savings and reliability have been proven in commercial operation.

Our hybrid technology is probably the most versatile driveline solution there is when it comes to combining environmental improvement with performance, economy and uptime.
• Proven in widespread commercial operation
• New lighter body design
• Increased passenger capacity
• Up to 37 % fuel savings
• 40-50 % lower exhaust emissions
• Quiet and emission-free at bus stops
• Optimised for both inner city and suburban traffic conditions
• Backed by a comprehensive business solutions package

Equipment may vary from one country to another. We retain the right to alter product specifications without prior notification.