Volvo Buses in India

About Volvo Buses in India

Volvo Buses has been in India for 10 years and has the richest experience when it comes to high-performing bus applications. This, coupled with its state-of-the-art factory and overall profile of being a complete transport solutions provider, gives it a unique ability to be in the best position to understand the needs of the Indian market and configure products accordingly.

Volvo’s plant at Hosakote, Bangalore is one-of-its-kind facility which has incorporated the best practices from the Volvo Bus Corporation plants in Mexico, Poland and Finland. With over seven decades of experience, Volvo Buses have globally developed the principles of bus building. This includes:
- Methods and Processes for bus body building
- Training of people on specialized skills
- Production management that incorporates Visual Management, 5 S Processes, Safety and Ergonomic Work Environment
- Material handling practices
The success story of Volvo Buses in India would not have been possible without the support of customers over the last 10 years. From the latest global concepts to class-defining technologies – at each stage we took the initiative to incorporate technology that enhanced the quality of life for scores of passengers in India keeping in mind their expectations of comfort, safety and luxury.

Today, the Volvo intercity coaches traverse all major routes in India. In the city bus segment, Volvo buses operate across 12 cities in India. Volvo Buses in India also exports to South Africa, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. At present, there are about 5,000 Volvo buses operating in the SAARC region, both in the city and inter-city segments.

The company recently unveiled its New Range of Buses. With this Volvo has become the only bus manufacturer in India with the largest range of high-performing buses comprising 10 models and variants. Customers now have the Power of Choice in high-performing buses like never before.