Modern, powerful and fuel-efficient
The engine in the Volvo B7R Low Entry, the Volvo D7, is a modern 7-litre, 6-cylinder common rail diesel engine with a turbocharger and intercooler. It produces 290 and is configured to meet the Euro 3/Euro 4/Euro 5 incentive emissions standards. This tough, reliable and fuel-efficient engine was originally developed for Volvo's heavy trucks with gross weights of up to 32 tonnes. In other words, its power resources are far more than adequate for the Volvo B7R Low Entry's gross weight of 18 tonnes.

A well-matched powertrain
The rest of the powertrain is tailored to extract as much power as possible from the engine. There is a choice of automatic transmissions with four or six speeds, offering smooth and relaxed progress. The rear axle has a choice of four ratios for best performance within each application area.

Powerful brakes
The Volvo B7R Low Entry is equipped with disc brakes and ABS.