Facts and figures

The body is built on the principle of
best choice materials. The use of
aluminium and our patented jointing
method help create a strong, corrosionresistant and easy-to-maintain bus with low weight and a long service life.

Climate control
Efficient climate system with separate
climate controls for the driver. In the
articulated bus, the climate in the front
and rear passenger compartments can be controlled separately.

Volvo D9B 380 bhp (1700 Nm).
Volvo D7E 290 bhp (1200 Nm),
available in EEV version and with DPF.
All engines meet Euro 5 standards
using SCR technology.

The Volvo D7E comes with automatic
transmission from ZF or Voith.
The Volvo D9B comes with I-Shift.

Volvo 8900: Rigid front suspension
(860 mm floor height).
Volvo 8900 Low Entry: Rigid low
front suspension.
Electronically controlled air suspension with kneeling function available on all variants.

Rear axle
Rear axle with a wide range of ratios
for best performance within each
application area (2.85–5.63).

Volvo electronically controlled disc
brakes (ESP option).
Volvo compact retarder (D9B).
Brake Blending function (all).
Automatic transmissions feature an
integrated retarder (D7E).

There is a wide range of door layouts
with single or double doors at the
front and in the middle (for example
1+1+0 or 2+2+1).

Gross weight
Max gross weight 18.0–25.5 tonnes
depending on model variant.
Luggage volume
Up to 8 m³ depending on specification.

Volvo 8900 (860 mm floor height):
Height 3.3 m. Length 12.2–13.0 m.
Width 2.55 m.
Volvo 8900 Low Entry: Height 3.3 m.
Length 12.0–14.7 m. Width 2.55 m.