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Competitive Price - Volvo Peace of Mind

Are you aware that you can keep your coach 100% Volvo at a competitive price?

The Volvo Coach promotion allows you to access Genuine Volvo parts 15 years after your model ceases production. Volvo coaches are built with attention to quality and are the result of the very latest developments in active and passive safety with minimal impact on the environment.

Coaches leave our factories 100% Volvo and will remain in 100% original condition if they are serviced at Volvo workshops and provided with Genuine Volvo Parts.

The cost of parts is about 6% of the vehicle's total operating cost however substituting Volvo Genuine Parts for inferior products can lead to:

  • Increased downtime
  • Additional costs
  • The need to replace parts ahead of schedule

Anyone can manufacture parts and service your coach but only Volvo can carry out Genuine Volvo Service which ensures that your coach maintains the optimal condition which it had when it left our factory.

As part of our service we will always inform you in advance of:

  • Any costs involved in servicing your coach
  • How long the service will take

We will also provide an itemised list specifying any work which needs to be done and recommend which Volvo Genuine Parts should be used.

Warranty on parts and labour is included in the price and we will keep your coach up to date on any developments.

Our sophisticated logistics system ensures that Volvo Genuine Parts arrive quickly at the workshop and allows for maximum uptime for you and your business.

Volvo Genuine Parts are superior in technology, safety, quality and reliability with full operation warranties.

With over 1,000 global dealers and workshops, and a committed network of 91 Volvo Bus and Coach dealers within the UK we are well positioned to support you and your business with quality products at competitive prices.

Example of parts included in the promotion:

  • Standard Parts- V-Belts
  • Engine Parts- Rebuild Kits, Oil pumps, Filters, Cylinder Liner kits
  • Electrical- Batteries, Alternators, Starter Motors
  • Transmission- Clutches, Universal Joints
  • Braking- Brake Drums, Brake Cylinders, Compressors
  • Steering- King Pin Kits, Ball Joints, Drag Links
  • Suspension- Air Bellows, Shock Absorbers