Genuine Volvo Parts - Stonehenge

Why Fit Anything Else? Keep Your Volvo.........Volvo

Why should operators experience the Volvo difference?

In order to minimise total operating cost, you should be able to utilise your bus or coach optimally and secure the highest vehicle uptime.

Volvo Genuine Parts are a vital part of your Volvo total offer. We provide tailor made and affordable solutions for your parts requirements.

By using the extensive Volvo Dealer Network you can take advantage of great value for money parts packages which include parts for maintenance, service and repair.

Volvo Genuine Parts don't just offer replacement solutions but unique system components which are developed for optimum functionality in Volvo buses and coaches.

The perfect interplay between Volvo Genuine Parts and various systems ensures the very highest operating reliability, maximum safety and lowest total cost for you, the Volvo operator.

We also provide Volvo Genuine Spare Parts for bodies designed and manufactured by Volvo.

The Volvo Price Parity is a guarantee against unexpected costs for operators, if they run international operations.  Volvo customers who purchase Volvo Genuine Parts in another EU country, will pay no more than the retail price asked by their Volvo Genuine Parts dealer at home. Volvo Genuine Parts are made according to the Volvo quality assurance processes and conform to precisely defined function and service-life demands. 

All Volvo Genuine Parts which are vital to the function of the vehicle are available wherever Volvo buses and coaches are sold. This also applies to parts for our older models as we stock parts for 15 years after a bus and coach model ceases production providing increased vehicle availability and a higher resale value. 

Non Volvo Parts may have dimensions that set them outside Volvo tolerance margins and thereby may not conform to Volvo Genuine Parts standards. This could result in poor fit, functional disruption and increased wear.

Independent parts manufacturers remain unaware of the latest Volvo Genuine Parts technology and can sell obsolete parts. Our Volvo designers determine how each Genuine Volvo Part functions in the complete vehicle and specify component demands.

Volvo delivers a cost effective superior product supported by comprehensive service quality and warranty and logistics offers which deliver true value. Choosing Volvo Genuine Parts ensures optimum functionality and on-road safety which meet exacting Volvo standards.