Genuine Volvo Parts

Volvo Fitted-Price - Because some things work better together

 It’s a fact of life that some things just work better when they are together.

Like Genuine Volvo Parts, when fitted by a Volvo trained technician ensures that both vehicle and part work in harmony together, maximising your Bus or Coach's uptime and efficiency.

With a Volvo Fitted-Price, what we quote you upfront is the price you pay, with absolutely no hidden extras – that’s a great deal, plus a great deal more!

  • Volvo Fitted-Parts carry a 2-year warranty on both parts and labour
  • Fitted by fully trained Volvo Technicians
  • Flexible workshop hours to suit you
  • Environmentally conscious disposal of all fluids and waste
  • Free roadside recovery and repair if fitted-parts fail or break
  • Top class customer service 24/7