Volvo 7900 Hybrid bus

Short facts

Total Weight:
19 tonnes


215hp = 800Nm

Full of functional features

Saving fuel, reducing emission
When you save as much as 39% in fuel consumption, you also reduce CO2 emissions by the same amount. And when it comes to nitrogen oxides and particles the reduction is even greater; up to 50% compared to the average Euro 5 diesel bus. The reason why Volvo can present better figures than others is no secret. The solution itself, the parallel hybrid, is highly efficient, the Volvo I-Shift gearbox provides optimised conditions, and we keep the batteries in the best possible condition by providing both cooling and heating.

Standstills without noise or exhaust
At higher speeds the diesel engine takes over while at the same time recharging the batteries. Since the electric motor serves both as a motor and a generator you actually recharge when driving and braking. While idling at a red light or bus stop the diesel engine is shut off, resulting in zero emissions.

The Volvo Parallel Hybrid solution
The Volvo 7900 Hybrid has active temperature-controlled lithium-ion battery cells, with individual cell charge control. This results in reliable and efficient energy storage.  The lithium-ion battery has high energy-storage capacity, low weight and low environmental impact. It is optimised so that the Hybrid can run everywhere, regardless of climate.

Quick and smooth
The high passenger capacity is accompanied by wide, electric or pneumatic, doors and an interior truly built for the passengers. Easy entry and exit mean a lot for passenger flow and overall productivity. And the new electric doors equire considerably less adjustment and maintenance.

Powertrain management
An electronic control module regulates engagement and disengagement of electric and diesel power, as well as gear-changing modes and battery recharging. The close-ratio Volvo I-Shift automated transmission has software that is optimised for city and commuter traffic. The fuel-efficient 4-cylinder, 5-litre Volvo D5F diesel engine produces 215 bhp and is installed vertically in the left rear corner.