B7RLE - Volvo Bus UK

Short facts

Total weight:
18 tonnes


290hp = 213Kw/1200Nm

B7RLE, B7R low entry, Volvo Bus UK


Engine: Rear-mounted, 6-cylinder,7 litre diesel
Output: D7E290, 213 kW, 1200 Nm
Emissions class: Euro 4/Euro 5 incentive/EEV
Gross weight (GVW): 18 tonnes
Transmission: ZF 6HP554-N = Fully automatic 6 speed gearbox Voith D864.5 = Fully automatic 4 speed gearbox
Suspension: Electronically controlled air suspension with ferry lift and kneel facility
Braking system: EBS, Disc brakes, ABS
Rear axle: Rear axle with choice of two ratios for best performance in each application area.
Electrical System: B7RLE chassis is equipped with 2nd generation Bus Electrical Architecture BEA2 with electronic databus system Multiplex 2