Volvo B5TL Bus

The no-compromise city bus

The new Volvo city buses take productivity to a new level. By cutting 1000 kilograms off its weight, its capacity has been increased to a stunning 95 passengers. Add to that Volvo’s top rank in uptime and reliability. With the new B5TL you’ll go beyond Euro 6.

Total emissions per passenger and per kilometre will decrease due to the simple fact that we’ve been able to substantially reduce fuel consumption. And the beauty of it is that you save on your fuel bill. All the time – from day one.

B5TL features


10% better fuel than Euro 5 (based on Millbrook testing) combined with reduced costs of ownership through attention to detail on maintenance access and improved features will deliver a strong investment argument for the operator.

Weight Saving
Changing to a 5 litre engine for Euro 6 will deliver a weight saving but there is more to this product: the total chassis weight reduction is around 300 kg. But thanks to the close cooperation with Wright Bus, the body will save around 700 kg, thanks to better integration. The first test bus, to a TfL specification, weighs around 11100 kg. A Provincial specification will weigh under 11 tonnes. This clearly will help deliver better fuel consumption.

Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering
Based on the experience with the Hybrid, the power steering system on B5TL is operated by a hydraulic system but the power steering pump is electric and is co-located near the driver’s compartment – there are no hydraulic pipes running the length of the chassis and the whole system is easier to maintain and more reliable.

Air Quality Emissions also down
The first results from Millbrook indicate a remarkable reduction in NOx emissions, one of the key pollutants affecting air quality. NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) is the key focus of Euro 6 and the combination of SCR and EGR technologies in the Volvo Euro 6 engine is expected to deliver excellent results in service at a time when more and more Local Authorities are establishing Air Quality Management Areas. The Exhaust Aftertreatment Treatment System (EATS) also includes a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) with automatic Regeneration which does not interfere with operation of the bus in service.

No 1 in uptime
The integration of body and chassis is wide ranging: from easier manufacture through to easier access for maintenance, combined with tools like the Oilmaster automatic engine oil top-up unit that saves time and prevents overfilling (and excessive oil use).

Noise Reduction Measures
With a new design of encapsulation and noise absorption material, noise emissions have been reduced, especially inside. The new electric cooling fan installation for the radiator, using 5 identical fan units under thermostatic control, will also improve noise performance. A separate fan is used to move air through the engine bay for improved cooling around main units and the EATS.

B5TL specification at a glance


Volvo B5TL
Length 10.5 - 11.2M
Engine Volvo D5K, 5 Litre Euro 6
Power 240 Hp
Brakes Electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS), Brake Blending Function
Transmission ZF Ecolife Type 6AP1003B
Body Options Wrightbus and bespoke MCV