Volvo B13R chassis

Volvo B13R - A solid base for a premium coach

The Volvo B13R coach chassis utilises a host of world leading technologies to redefine luxury coach travel and offer a completely new driving experience focused on optimum comfort, safety, efficiency & drivability.

Although the B13R is built on Volvo's all new 'PX' chassis platform, it uses the same vertically installed 13-litre engine (D13C) that has been used by Volvo Trucks for several years. It is thus one of the world's most-sold heavy diesel engines and has proven performance and reliability.

Despite its high power (460hp) & torque (2300Nm), it is among the cleanest and most fuel efficient vehicles on the road today thanks to Volvo’s SCR technology, which is at the cutting edge of new technology globally.
The B13R is fitted with the Volvo I-Shift transmission, which is a 12 speed manual gearbox with an automatic gear changing system. This provides smooth and silent shifting, while contributing to the excellent fuel efficiency of the chassis.