Volvo B5RLEH

Volvo B5RLEH - For greener & cleaner cities

The new Volvo B5RLE Hybrid is not only the most fuel-efficient Volvo city chassis, thanks to the ability of running with the diesel engine shut off, but it’s also reliable regardless of driveline technology. 

Volvo has taken a firm lead in hybrid technology, environmental performance and reliability with over 1,000 hybrid buses sold world-wide. 

The Volvo Hybrid technology has proven to reduce CO2 emissions with 33 tonnes per bus at 70,000 km/yr.

According to independent reports from operators in major cities globally, the hybrid product range has also proven to be No 1 in uptime.

The Volvo B5RHLE chassis uses a parallel hybrid system combining the electric and diesel engine. Compared to a conventional diesel bus, the hybrid utilises energy otherwise wasted during braking. 

Add to that silent and emission-free boarding and take off, it’s a winner.

Are you ready to team up for green