The Volvo D9B has been engineered from theoutset to provide high fuel efficiency and low particulate emissions. The B9R is equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) reducing nitrogen oxides to very low levels.

Front suspension
The well-proven rigid front suspension offers excellent comfort and handling, with a tight turning circle.

The B9R comes with Volvo I-Shift, our renowned 12-speed automated gearshift system. 

Simple service
The engine installation, cabling and connectors as well as all other service points are located for easy access. This provides for rapid and reliable service,
a true Volvo hallmark.

Powerful EBS-controlled disc brakes with floating callipers are well-known Volvo safety components. The Volvo I-Shift gearbox can be combined with a retarder, substantially reducing brake wear. For top-of-the-line safety you can opt for our Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

Automatic function check
The multiplexed electronics system keeps track of the basic functions. All safety features are automatically checked at every start-up.

Driver’s environment
Volvo means world-class ergonomics. Clear instrumentation and logical control panels help the driver stay alert, focused and in control.