Volvo Bus genuine parts

Remain 100% Volvo

Genuine Volvo Parts are the same parts that go into building a Volvo truck and bus. The best way to ensure that your Volvo remains a tool for truly cost-effective transport operations, is to keep your vehicle 100% Volvo, through and through.

Every Genuine Volvo Part is optimised to provide the best performance and most effective repairs. That's why our workshops use Genuine Volvo Parts, and why Genuine Volvo Parts are an integrated part of our contracts for preventive maintenance and repairs.

Only with Genuine Volvo Parts can you be sure that your bus retains the excellent characteristics that you received when you first purchased it. And that it continues to run problem-free, safely and economically, year after year.
Six strong reasons to buy Genuine Volvo Parts:

1. You always receive parts of the highest quality and longest product life.
2. You receive the parts quickly and efficiently - even parts for older bus models.
3. Correct and precise fit and function.
4. Full guarantee.
5. The latest technology.
6. You maintain the high safety level of the bus.