Think BRT - Bus Rapid Transit

As traffic tailbacks and traffic jams become part of the everyday scene and environmental problemsgrow, it is high time to think along new lines. Increasing numbers of cities have chosen to invest in Bus Rapid Transit. In other words high-efficiency bus-based transport systems that make it far more attractive to travel by public transport. Among the additional benefits are a major reduction in fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and congestion.
Bus Rapid Transit at Volvo Buses
If you are ready to think along new lines, just get in touch with us at Volvo Buses. We have delivered more buses for BRT systems than any other supplier. A few of the cities we work with on BRT systems: Bogotá in Colombia, Mexico City in Mexico, Göteborg in Sweden, York in Britain and Curitiba in Brazil. What can we do for your city? More about Going Greener