Power and green efficiency

Volvo’s 7-litre diesel engine is one of the most efficient in its class and it complies with Euro 3, 4, 5 and EEV standards. An output of 290 bhp and 1200 Nm of torque contribute to smooth handling in all situations. There is also a version available with an output of 240 bhp (920 Nm) for Euro 3 and 4 standards. The choice of gearboxes allows for combinations that will suit any need, and Volvo’s single-reduction rear axle is available in a range of ratios. The benefits are the traditional Volvo hallmarks of first-class driveability, outstanding fuel efficiency and low environmental impact.


Cleaner with DPF and SCR

The DPF, Diesel Particulate Filter, reduces emissions of harmful particles by approximately 80%. The engine also features SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction, in order to reduce NOx emissions.


Driver’s environment

Volvo means world-class ergonomics. Clear instrumentation and logical control panels help the driver stay alert, focused and in control.


Automatic or automated manual gearbox. 


Front suspension

The well-proven rigid front suspension offers excellent comfort and handling as well as a tight turning circle.



Powerful EBS-controlled disc brakes with floating callipers are well-known Volvo safety components. The automatic gearbox has a built-in retarder, and for top-of-the-line safety you can opt for our Electronic Stability Program (ESP).


Wide rear door

Smart location of the cross-member allows for a full-width rear door.


Comfortable boarding

Electronically controlled air suspension permits a convenient kneeling function for easier and faster boarding.


Automatic function check

The multiplexed electronics system keeps track of the basic functions. All safety features are automatically checked at every start-up.