Volvo B11R


Krachtige Euro 6-motoren 

Efficiënt rijden vereist een efficiënte en duurzame krachtbron. De nieuwe 11-liter Euro 6-motor van Volvo combineert kracht, betrouwbaarheid en spaarzaamheid in een compact maar krachtig pakket. Met 380, 430 of 460 pk en een grote koppel vanaf zeer lage toerentallen brengen deze motoren uw passagiers snel en veilig naar hun bestemming. Daarnaast is op verschillende markten de Volvo D11A Euro 3-motor beschikbaar in uitvoeringen met 370 of 430 pk.

*De D11C370 is beschikbaar met automatische transmissie.

Volvo I-Shift
The legendary Volvo I-Shift transmission combines smooth and silent shifting with fuel efficiency and lets the engine run under optimized conditions.

Automatic function check
The multiplexed electronics system keeps track of the basic functions. Clear instrumentation and logical control panels help the driver stay alert, focused and in control of the coach. All safety features are checked at every start-up automatically.

Powerful, EBS-controlled disc brakes are well-knownVolvo safety components. For top-of-the-line safety
you can opt for a retarder and our Electronic Stability Program (ESP). The stepless hydraulic retarder provides gentle stopping and reduction of wear on the service brakes.

Front suspension
Rigid or independent front suspension is available, offering excellent comfort and handling along with a tight turning circle.

Trouble-free maintenance
In a perspective of lifecycle productivity, maintenance and reliability are crucial matters. The B11R is designed for long service intervals and swift and simple maintenance. Oil change intervals are extended and many critical components are maintenance-free, such as prop-shafts, half-shafts and rear wheel bearings. In addition, Volvo’s multiplexed electronics system functions as a preventive maintenance and diagnostics tool.

Simple service
With Volvo, service and maintenance are simple matters. All service points are easily reached and, due to component commonality within the Volvo family, your spare parts logistics are simplified. You also benefit from our extensive service network, which we partly share with Volvo Trucks. There are also specialised Bus Service Centers, providing competence, tools and parts for virtually all your needs.