Volvo B11R

Volvo B11R - a clean platform for productivity
Euro 6

The Volvo B11R is the backbone of good intercity bus or coach business.

The highly fuel-efficient Euro 6 engine will cut your operational costs, and Volvo’s quality standards combine functionality with passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity.

The B11R is available both in 2-axle and 3-axle configurations in order to provide flexibility in your choice and combine a stable and pleasant driving character with passenger comfort.

A range of advanced, powerful engines is available at power ratings from 380 to 460 hp. Their high fuel efficiency further adds low running costs and sustainability to your offer.

Rigid or independent front suspension in combination with a compact and service-friendly driveline installation extends the scope for creating a spacious and efficient coach.

By building your bus or coach on a Volvo platform you also enter a partnership – a relationship that continues even after the deal is done. We take pride in supporting our clients, and we are eager to learn from you. That’s how we build your experience into our vehicles and services.