Integrate the power of Volvo

With a Volvo chassis you’re assured a solid basis for a vehicle that combines flexibility and thorough quality with passenger convenience and productivity. An optimised driveline, fuel efficiency and environmental care add sustainability to your offer.

Volvo’s renowned ride, roadholding and driveability allow the driver to stay alert and focused. There’s no doubt that your operation – and your passengers – will benefit from this. And Volvo’s top position in reliability and safety is a strong point for the operator’s status, as well as for the residual value of the vehicles.

The needs and wishes of operators, drivers and passengers set the scene. That’s why we offer a range of services such as financing, service contracts, telematics, on-road assistance, driver training and much more. With these services our customers can optimise their operations and cut their costs for maintenance, repairs and fuel.

The availability of services may vary depending on the market; the best source of information is your Volvo representative.