Volvo Plug-in Hybrid

Volvo 7900 Plug-in Hybrid - saves up to 80 % of your fuel cost

The Volvo 7900 Plug-in Hybrid bus is a development of our second series-produced hybrid bus model.

With plug-in technology we have been able to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions by up to 80%. And in electric mode noise reduction is in the range of 20 dBA.

Its predecessor has been on the market for several years and both fuel savings and reliability have been proven in commercial operation.

Our hybrid technology has shown itself to be an unbeatable solution when it comes to combining environmental improvement with performance, economy and uptime.

Test projects ongoing
Volvo Buses expects to commence commercial manufacturing of plug-in hybrids in a couple of years, and the technology is now tested in service in three buses in Gothenburg. 


Volvo Buses participates in the plug-in-hybrid project in Gothenburg, in addition to Göteborg Energi, Business Region Göteborg, Trafikkontoret and Västtrafik.

The project is partly financed by Life+, the EU’s financing program for environmental projects.

A demonstration project has also been planned for 2014 involving eight plug-in hybrids in Stockholm.

Quick facts:
• Technology proven in widespread commercial operation
• Runs in electric mode up to 70% of its route
• Increased passenger capacity
• Up to 80 per cent fuel savings
• Up to 80 per cent lower exhaust emissions
• Quiet and emission-free at bus stops
• Allows operation in sensitive residential and city centre areas
• Backed by a comprehensive business solutions package