BRT Curitiba

Public transport at its very best

As large cities continue to grow, so too does congestion. Commuting by car becomes impossible and the only solution is to extend the city’s infrastructure.

BRT, Bus Rapid Transit, is a solution that is far more cost-efficient than anything else – trains, trams or underground. BRT with high-capacity buses running on dedicated roads or lanes offers the performance of commuter trains – at just 10% of the cost.

Specially designed bus stops, real-time passenger information and high average speed have proven to be highly appreciated benefits.

With an advanced telematics system, traffic control and driver interact seamlessly and it is easy to deal with disruptions.

BRT is also the best choice from an environmental point of view due to infrastructural resource efficiency. Combined with fuel-efficient engines, hybrid propulsion and the option of using alternative fuels, BRT offers considerable advantages in any city’s efforts to reduce emissions and environmental impact.