Volvo Buses - Euro VI and beyond

Euro 6 and beyond

Volvo is one of the world’s leading developers of commercial vehicles. The diesel engine has been the dominant power source and will be for quite some time.  However, new technology is entering the stage due to increased demands for emission reductions and energy efficiency.

For several years now Volvo has outdone the competition as regards fuel efficiency, and we constantly work to improve this still further. New engine models with reduced internal friction and improved combustion help our customers save fuel and reduce emissions.

In 2012 we present the new Euro 6 engine range. Diesel engines of 5, 8 and 11 litre displacement constitute the backbone of our future drivelines. And for additional and substantial savings, all our low-floor, single-deck city buses in Europe will be utilising hybrid technology from 2014.

Volvo’s new Euro 6 engine range for coach- and intercity is even more fuel-efficient than its predecessors. Fuel economy is not only a matter of engine specifications – it’s also about how
the vehicle is driven and maintained. We continuously develop services that reduce fuel consumption. With Driver Training, Fuel Management and optimised maintenance, fuel-savings of up to 10% are entirely possible. Bottom line profit from day one.

Our most recent hybrid bus is the most fuel-efficient on the market – widely proven in years of commercial operation. In fact, we have received reports from operators who have saved more than 39%. And with our advanced fuel-saving services, that figure can be raised by a further 5–6%.