Volvo Buses hybrid technology

Superior fuel efficiency

Today, Volvo offers the well-proven hybrid driveline in complete city buses as well as chassis.  With almost 1,000 buses sold Volvo has an outstanding track record.

Fuel savings in excess of 40% have been reported, as have impressive fuel savings even outside city centres. Add to this documented reliability that is second to none.

Volvo has been evaluating various types of hybrid solutions since the 1980s. Based on this thorough research we were the first to offer a commercially viable hybrid driveline for heavy vehicles in March 2009.
Volvo’s solution is based on a concept known as I-SAM (Integrated Starter, Alternator and Motor).

Unlike a conventional series hybrid system, a powertrain based on a parallel hybrid system can be used as a pure conventional diesel powered system or as an electric powertrain system – or in mixed mode.

This flexibility ensures the highest possible system efficiency irrespective of driving condition, and much improved fuel efficiency compared to series hybrid systems.