Comfortable and safe
The Volvo B7R is easy to drive and offers good roadholding, and it shares a high level of driving safety with all of Volvo's other buses. This is ensured by its effective brakes, stabilizers and suspension system. The final design of driver's area naturally depends on the choice of body, but the basic design is clearly defined to result in an effective and attractive working environment.

Quality, safety and environmental consideration
Being able to rely on your bus is obviously crucial for good profitability. However, it is just one of a number of important factors. The B7R is an excellent example of how a well-thought-out combination of technical solutions can promote high profitability. The uncomplicated chassis design and the lightweight engine give the bus a low net weight. This in turn creates high capacity and promotes low running costs in relation to the number of passengers that the bus can carry.

The B7R has been built to meet varied global demands on availability and capacity. At the same time, it reflects the Volvo philosophy of quality, safety and consideration for the environment.

Modern electronic system
The Volvo D7 gives you access to a completely new electronic system that presents detailed information about important vehicle data. This data contributes, among other things, to vehicle diagnostics and assists in monitoring the overall performance. The system also carries out an automatic control of basic functions such as coolant level, oil pressure, brake pressure and turbo pressure when the engine is started. The new instrument panel features an electronic display, which shows current vehicle information and alerts the driver if any fault should occur. All important vehicle data is registered and bus's status can be monitored after each shift.