Creating Values

The Volvo 8400 Low Entry is a modern and comfortable bus with a low entry, designed for convenient boarding and disembarking and swift passenger through-flow. The 8400 is based on one of the best selling chassis from Volvo Buses, and it offers extremely high levels of technical quality, performance and total economy, as well as of comfort and safety. Passenger comfort is of a high standard owing among other things to a new interior, good sound insulation and an electronically controlled climate system.


Long service life

The frame is a stiff and lightweight precision-welded box-section structure made of stainless steel, the same material used for the body itself. This choice of material brings benefits in terms of high corrosion resistance and a long service life. The exhaust system, catalytic converter and exhaust filter are all also made of stainless steel.

A perfect working space

The driver's compartment in the Volvo 8400 Low Entry is spacious and offers you full control over both your vehicle and the surrounding traffic. The driver's environment is ergonomically designed and all the controls are easily accessible. The instrument panel accompanies the steering wheel when it is adjusted, so you always have the instruments at the right distance and the most convenient angle. Generous glass panels and the large rear-view mirrors provide a good field of vision all round.

Easy on the environment

The Volvo 8400 is approved according to Euro 3 standards, which means it produces low emission levels.

The driver is in full control

The instrument panel has an information display that is linked to the on-board electronic system. If a serious fault occurs, the driver is alerted and advised to stop, and the display indicates what has happened. In the event of a minor problem, the display shows what should be rectified. When the time for the next service approaches, the electronic system provides plenty of advance warning. In addition, the driver can check how much fuel the bus is using at any given moment in time, over a given distance or over a specified period of time.