Volvo 9400

Volvo 9400 – The Market Leader

The Volvo 9400 intercity coach has brought in a new concept in bus travel in form of a true bus chassis and everything that defines efficient bus travel: vehicle uptime, ride comfort, transport economy, safety, reliability, quick and on-time travel.                                                                              

The Volvo 9400 is an intercity coach designed in Europe and built in India at Volvo Buses’ facility at Hosakote, Bangalore. It incorporates contemporary European bus design with qualities such as solid construction, reliability, economy, comfort, safety and a host of new features. And above all it is designed to meet the high standards, for operators to ensure maximum passenger satisfaction and full capacity business operations.

This coach perfectly suited for long distance intercity operations, ideal for excursions as well as short trips for city tourism.                                   

This product combines maximum driver comfort with economy. The Volvo D7E 290 engine with high performance 6-speed manual gear box and precise combustion through common rail direct injection system offers excellent performance and productivity.

The Volvo 9400 also features Volvo disc brakes with EBS (Electronic Brake System) which offers excellent braking performance and rapid, gentle and controlled braking.