9400 multi-axle_intercity_coach


In 2001, Volvo Buses introduced a world class inter-city coach based on a true-bus chassis and rear engine, redefining the luxury bus segment. The introduction of Volvo Buses was the catalyst that infused a whole new range of technology and level of comfort that set the benchmark in the bus industry. Volvo Buses redefined efficient bus travel with high vehicle uptime, ride comfort, transport economy, a flexible and versatile design that offers reliable, safe and profitable transport solutions.

The Volvo 9400 6x2 multi-axle intercity coach takes this high performance to the next level. Contemporary in design and styling, it is an advanced transport solution for operators and passengers. For customers it translates into increased revenues and improved transport economy and for the passengers it means an even more comfortable ride on long distance travel.
The Volvo 9400 6x2 offers greater occupancy levels without compromising on the high performance levels. The new multi-axle coach is built by Volvo in India at its state-of-the art plant in Hosakote, Bangalore.     
The paradigms of efficiency, built quality and safety are further enhanced with the driver compartment ergonomically designed for stress free operation. The electronicallycontrolled brake system (EBS) further exemplifies the safety of Volvo 9400 6x2. Comfort moves to luxury with low noise and vibration-free interiors. Coupled with this are ergonomic seats and a perfect climate controlled environment, with roof-mounted air-conditioning system and heat insulated windows. The wide range of colors, with its revolutionary styling makes it stand out in the crowd and a desired product in your fleet of performers.