Volvo Bus

New concepts find their way into the Indian Bus Industry

 Volvo Buses launched its first bus in India in October 2001. In the decade gone, passengers, customers and the industry has been highly versed with the names from B7R to 9400, from true bus chassis to the current Volvo 7400 low floor city bus. But behind the success and applications of these buses are a host of technological introductions that have been one of the key reasons behind the standards passengers’ experience – in comfort, safety, quality & luxury.

On the other hand each step in technology has its aim to raise the level of transport economy, addressing all areas – reliability, durability, maintenance and of course bringing in innovative approaches – that make a Volvo Bus what it is. It’s when you put all this together can the bus do what it must, and eventually achieve the larger goal we profess – improving Quality of Life.

Volvo Buses introduced the first inter-city coach in India with a rear-mounted engine in 2001. The introduction of this technology has redefined the bus industry in India and has helped attract passengers to opt for travel by bus in greater comfort.

The company also brought in to India the concept of true-bus chassis with rear-mounted engine in 2001. The impact of a true-bus chassis is such that the coach or city bus built on such chassis is easy to drive, has better passenger carrying capacity, provides greater comfort to both the driver and passengers, delivers better performance, gives improved mileage, provides better ROI to operators, lower maintenance cost, among others.

These apart Volvo introduced several new concepts and technologies like the Volvo Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS), Electronically Controlled Brakes (EBS), Volvo Engine Management System (EMS), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Kneeling Mechanisms in city buses, FUP/FIP safety systems in all coaches, and Bus Multiplexing. With the introduction of each of these technologies, Volvo raised the benchmark in terms of safety, performance & reliability.

The endeavour is to take this take the initiative and bring to customers and passengers in India concepts & technologies that would enhance the experience of bus travel – intercity or urban commute.