Volvo aims to provide care free transport solutions

A Volvo bus comprises thousands of carefully tested and perfectly matched components. Combined, they form a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle built for many years of care-free, productive transportation. The best way to ensure that your Volvo continues to produce top results is to use Genuine Volvo Parts and Genuine Volvo Service.

This will ensure that you obtain exactly the same parts as the ones with which the bus was built and service performed by specialists, who know exactly what your Volvo bus requires.

In a vast country like India, it is not easy to determine all support points in one shot.  A lot depends on the vehicular traffic, vehicle population concentration and customer preferences.  Volvo deals with this circumstance with a modular approach comprising of single and multiple container workshops, mobile workshops and permanent service and parts centre.

Whereever a Volvo operates, be sure that the support is just one call away.