Genuine Parts

Genuine Volvo Parts

Genuine parts are the parts which go into providing the performance and value you expect of a Volvo.  Ongoing quality control ensures that each Genuine Part complies with Volvo's stringent requirements. That's why Genuine Volvo Parts are your best guarantee for operational reliability and long service life.

For the vehicle uptime, all parts must function together perfectly and maintain the same high standard of quality. Genuine Volvo Parts are your surest way of avoiding unplanned downtime and achieving good operating economy.

We also believe that even individual parts should come with a warranty. That is why any consequential damage imposed by a Genuine Volvo Part is covered if the part is fitted by an authorised Volvo workshop.

Six strong reasons to buy genuine Volvo Parts
1. You always receive parts of the highest quality and longest product life.
2. You receive the appropriate parts quickly and efficiently - even parts for older bus models.
3. Correct and precise fit and function.
4. Full guarantee.
5. The latest technology.
6. You continue to maintain the high safety and quality levels of the bus.