Driver training

Volvo in India has a full fledged driving track in Bangalore, which is used for Driver Training.   

Also located in this facility, is a Driver's training school - one of its kind in India.  Drivers are trained in basic and advanced driving skills along with special training for economic and safe driving practices. 

Volvo in India works to motivate fleet operators to consider drivers as a key factors in vehicle productivity and travel safety.  Finally the drivers who are declared as 'fit' are certified as what we call 'Coach Captians'.

The Focus
Help our customers to continually develop the driver in the area of

  • Skill
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Motivation
  • Fuel Efficient Driving
  • Traffic Safety
  • To be a goodwill ambassador on road


Training Programmes

  • Grade 1 : 5 days
  • Includes Practicals+Theory+Special programs

How to Apply for Driver Training?

Send your application to:
Training Manager
Volvo India Private Limited
Tavarekere Post
Hosakote Taluk
Bangalore 562 122
Phone: +91 80 6691 4169

Qualifications required

Grade 1
Qualification : SSLC                                                                                    Valid HPV Licence 
Minimum 5-8 years, Inter-city bus driving experience 

Also note:
Basic Understanding of English language, if possible
Read and Write in any other local language. Valid licence
for the same and good track record. Should be physically fit and have a good eyesight