Volvo 9700

Engine: Rear-mounted, 6-cylinder, 13-litre diesel


High quality and a long service life
The frame is of a precision-welded box-section construction made of stainless steel, as are the exhaust system and the body. This means you can expect particularly high resistance to corrosion and low maintenance costs, which in turn lays the foundation for long service life and a high resale value.

High level of comfort and safety
The driver's compartment is spacious, ergonomically designed and pleasantly sound insulated.

There are large glass panels and rear-view mirrors with integrated close-quarter mirrors to ensure good all-round visibility.

An entirely new electronically controlled ventilation system provides a pleasant climate.

All the seats offer a high level of comfort, are reclinable and feature velour upholstery, head restraints and foot-supports, as well as a choice of three-point or two-point seat belts. Booster cushions are available for children.

Simple service, efficient parts supply
The Volvo 9700 is easy to service. A number of functions, such as filling and checking of engine oil, hydraulic fluid and coolant are gathered together in one and the same area to simplify daily attention.

The Volvo 9700 gives you full access to both chassis and body parts at your Volvo dealer, which in turn boosts efficient and fast parts supply.


Increased uptime with reliable electronics
The Volvo 9700 is equipped with new electronics for safe and continuous communication between the bus's various electronically controlled components and warning systems.

Via the display in the instrument panel, the driver receives continuous information about the bus's functions and status, and is immediately alerted should a fault occur.

The electronic systems also make it easier for the workshop to trace and identify possible faults, which in turn leads to shorter standstill times and higher uptime.

Spacious luggage compartments
With the Volvo 9700, your passengers can carry plenty of luggage without any risk of congestion. Loading and unloading is quick and simple.