Designed to minimise the risk of injury

Volvo holds a world class position in vehicle safety. The purpose of our work on safety is partly to prevent accidents and partly to minimise the consequences if an accident is inevitable. The most important preventive safety measures include good driving characteristics, good road-holding and good braking performance. By equipping the buses with reinforced bodies, safety belts and protective interiors, the risk of injury to passengers in a collision is reduced.

The driver plays a central role in preventive safety work at Volvo Buses. 

With a combination of good driving characteristics, good road-holding, effective brakes and a good driver's environment, the driver is able to relax and work efficiently and safely. An ergonomically designed workplace with a high level of comfort, correctly positioned controls and instruments, a pleasant climate and a good view means that the driver can remain vigilant and alert throughout his shift. Volvo also offers comprehensive driver training courses so that the driver can handle his vehicle safely.

In order to minimise the consequences if an accident is inevitable despite everything, Volvo buses are designed to minimise the risk of injury to driver, guide and passengers.