Robust and tested
The Volvo B7R Low Entry is based on one of the best-selling chassis from Volvo Buses, the Volvo B7R. Both chassis are in turn based on the company's universal concept. The result is tried and tested technology, with robustly dimensioned chassis components that pave the way for high reliability and a long service life.

Comfortable and safe
Riding in the Volvo B7R Low Entry is comfortable and safe for passengers and driver alike. The low entry steps at the front and in the middle - just 320 mm above the road surface - permit easy boarding and disembarking, not least for passengers with impaired mobility. The bus is easy to drive and offers good roadholding, and like all Volvo buses it features excellent driving safety, enhanced by powerful brakes, roll stabilisers and advanced suspension systems.

The Volvo B7R Low Entry is equipped with independent front suspension. This not only contributes to good driving properties, it also makes it possible to integrate a wide centre

gangway when building the body. The final design of the driver's compartment naturally depends on the choice of body, but the foundation is already there for an efficient and attractive working environment. The instrument panel is easy to overview. Whenever the steering wheel is adjusted, the instrument panel moves with it, ensuring that the instruments always remain in perfect view.

Modern technology with focus on the environment
Apart from one of the market's best engines from the environmental viewpoint, the Volvo D7 engine also gives you access to VBEA or Volvo Bus Electronic Architecture, an entirely new electronic system. VBEA offers secure communication between the bus's electronically controlled units and it provides detailed information to the operator, driver and workshop staff. This information provides a better overview of operating costs, automatic monitoring of basic functions and reduced risk of serious operating problems, to mention a few examples.