How it works

Driver’s area
The driver’s area has an adjustable steering wheel and the instrument panel has a light-absorbing surface that reduces glare. The seat is air suspended with swivel function. Blaupunkt navigation system, Advanced Information Centre, cruise control and digital tachograph system are also part of the driver's area.

Colour-adjusted interior
Volvo’s specially designed colour coordinated interiors are available with matching ceilings, walls and seats.

Climate control
The climate control is a totally automatic air conditioning system, with the option of roof-mounted heaters and separate climate control for the driver’s area. You can also get the Volvo 9700 6x2 with an AC-spoiler as an option, for improved looks.

Passenger environment
The inside and seating are spacious and safe with high levels of comfort and theatre floors. The equipment alternatives are numerous, such as automatic ventilation systems, three-point seat belts and booster cushions for children. Rear-facing child seats are available as an option.

New equipment levels
The Volvo 9700 is available with two equipment levels: Superior and Premium. Premium offers excellent comfort and good performance and is intended mainly for express buses and shorter charter trips. Superior gives your passengers and drivers higher comfort, and is suitable for longer intercity or charter operations.

Body features
The bodywork is made from stainless steel profiles and the sidewall panelling is made of stainless steel sheets. The roof is made of aluminium sheet and the front and rear have one piece fibre glass.  The multilayered windscreen and tinted rear and side windows are built for safety.

The Volvo 9700 also has conventional H4 or xenon headlamps. The mirrors are electrically adjustable and heated. The doors are of an outside swinging type and the front and middle door are both single winged.

Other features
There are three major colour lines. The body interior trim colour comes in dark or light grey metallic or wood imitation. The passenger panels have ventilation and light units complemented by speakers, call, service and optional stop buttons. The luggage racks can be equipped with flaps.

Other comforts include optional fixed water toilet, refrigerator, kitchens, and several types of curtains and lightings.

Passenger capacity

53-63 pax, depending on vehicle specification.


Overall height: 3600, 3700 mm; Overall length: 12300, 13000, 13800 mm; Overall width: 2550 mm

Luggage compartment

Volume 7,1-12,8 m3, depending on specification. Driver’s resting compartment reduces with approx 2 m3.


The Volvo D13C is a 13-litre in-line six-cylinder diesel engine with a turbo charger and intercooler.

D13C 420

Output: 309 kW / 420 hp; Torque: 2100 Nm

D13C 460

Output: 338 kW / 460 hp; Torque: 2300 Nm

Fuel tanks

480, 600 l

Exhaust after treatment





Electronically controlled air suspension. Rigid or individual front suspension.

Passenger and courier seats

Two versions of TS2000 comfort seats. 2- or 3-point seat belt. Removable guide seat with 3-point seat belt.

Audio system

CD, radio, professional sound selector, amplifier, DVD player, 17” LCD monitors. Microphone for guide / driver. Loudspeakers in passenger panels.


Structure fulfills Regulation R66 concerning roll-over characteristics. Rear window servs as safety exit. Knee Impact Protection in driver’s area.