Powerful and environmentally optimised
The Volvo 9700 is available with a choice of rear-mounted and mid-mounted engines. In both cases, power comes from our electronically controlled, horizontally installed 12-litre Euro 4 or Euro 5 incentive engine. It combines high torque and excellent driveability with good fuel economy and low emissions.

Excellent driveability
Driving the Volvo 9700 is a true pleasure. The high-torque engine combined with our latest easy-change gearbox ensures excellent driveability. The braking system includes features such as Volvo's patented electronically controlled disc brakes, ABS, ASR, the Volvo Engine Brake and Volvo Compact Retarder.

The rigid frame makes for good stability, and if you choose the Volvo 9700 in mid-engine configuration, you gain even better roadholding. The rear-engine variant, on the other hand, permits a larger luggage compartment between the axles. In both cases, you can specify the Volvo 9700 with electronically controlled air suspension and independent front suspension for enhanced comfort. The Volvo I-Shift gearchanging system improves the efficiency of the entire driveline.