Volvo 9900 coach

Spend your trip in comfort

For your passengers, comfort is what makes the journey worthwhile, because it lets them read, sleep or simply look out the window. And they will never travel better than in a Volvo 9900.

This is our flagship, the most exclusive of our buses, with an unbeatable attention to every detail. It is a purpose-built tourist coach with comfort, safety and driveability in focus; making this a great option for your passengers and your business.
• Competitive and with a long productive  
  life thanks to high quality
• Low fuel consumption and emissions
  (Euro 5)
• New 13-litre engine
• I-Shift
• Knee Impact Protection
• Front Underrun Protection System
  (FUPS) for other road users
• Great driveability
• Ergonomic and exclusive leather seats for 1st
  class comfort
• Generous luggage space
• Optional alcolock
• Low noise level due to great sound
• Service contracts to suit individual