Volvo 9900 coach

Highlights of the Volvo 9900

Premium in all areas
The Volvo 9900 long-distance touring coach offers unbeatable comfort and quality. With excellent driveability and safety based on 80 years of Volvo experience, it also comes with service packages for a long life and even higher profitability.

First class comfort
Lean back and enjoy the ride. The Volvo 9900 offers plenty of space and airy interiors so that each passenger can travel in comfort, with plenty of legroom. The bus is also quiet and the seats have individual ventilation controls. 

A centrally located display provides the driver with information, on top of luxurious seating and climate control.
Quality for a better journey
The Volvo 9900 is our flagship and we have spared no effort in making this a first class vehicle. The frame, the exhaust system and the body are precision-welded and made of stainless steel. This means you can expect particularly high resistance to corrosion and low maintenance costs, which in turn lays the foundation for long service life and a high resale value.

Safety built-in
In order to improve the safety of other road-users, the Volvo 9900 is the first bus equipped with FUPS (Front Underrun Protection System), which prevents a car from becoming wedged under the coach. The Volvo 9900 also has the Front Impact Protection (FIP) and Knee Impact Protection, to protect the driver and guide.

When driveability counts
We believe that a bus should be working in harmony with the driver. That’s why the Volvo 9900 has a new generation 13-litre engine with high performance and automatic selection of the correct gear. It gives the bus fantastic driving properties and reduces fuel consumption. The intelligent electronic control allows for a high average speed and fewer gear changes.

Get the service you need
Service contracts give you access to an all-encompassing network of repair shops right across Europe with dedicated bus mechanics, an efficient system for providing spare parts with Volvo original parts, 24-hour assistance via Volvo Action Service, as well as financing packages and training of drivers.