Volvo 8900 intercitybus

Highlights of the Volvo 8900

Outstanding ergonomics
Outstanding possibilities to adjust the driver´s seat as well as the steering wheel with its control satellites make it easy to find an ideal driving position, regardless of height, body constitution
or preferences.

Driver’s climate zone
A separate zone for the driver’s climate makes it much easier to stay fit, alert and attentive to the passengers. And for extended safety, Volvo’s Alcolock is available as an option.

A clear view
Visibility is a crucial safety factor, and the Volvo 8900 sets a new standard. Large glass panels, three-section rear view mirrors and an optional reversing camera support safe and
cautious driving.

Personal storage
A generous storage compartment with room for personal belongings enhances convenience and safety.

Aluminium doesn’t rust
Aluminium is corrosion resistant which is an important factor for the expected service life of the bus. There is also an environmental upside, as the aluminium structure can be recycled to 90%.

Long service life
A rigid body lasts longer, and the service life increases with Volvo’s new body concept. In addition, every kilo saved means less mechanical stress on every critical point.

Several components are grouped and many elements are bolted to the frame. This means that many repairs require no welding. Uptime increases and repair costs are cut. Add to that swift replacement of bumper corners, GRP side panels
and wheelhouse covers.

Extended body warranties
The expected lifetime of the bus is extended, and from Volvo we confirm this by offering a Volvo 8900 total offer package which includes extended body warranties.

Improved parts availability
More common parts enhances service and maintenance efficiency throughout the product range. Add to that improved documentation and stocking for customer specific parts and traceability in aftermarket systems, by individual bus specification.

Particulary clean
The requirements of reduced emissions are constantly revised, and Volvo’s ambition is to stay ahead of the regulatory framework. A DPF filter reduces emissions of harmfu particles by approximately 80 percent. 

Tough, tougher – Volvo

In a Volvo, durability and strength are built-in by thorough dimensioning of every detail. As an example the rear axle has a service interval of up to 400,000 km depending on transport cycle.

Sit back and relax
Once seated you’ll notice it’s very comfortable. The seats are Volvo throughout, developed by Volvo, according to Volvo standards and are an integrated part of the passengers’ environment. All seats can be equipped with 2- or 3-point seatbelts.

Stay cool
The climate control system includes heating, cooling and ventilation functionality. The system provides air conditioning with separate outlets for each seat – and a separate zone for the driver.

Clear messages
Passenger information is shown on an integrated display. Video surveillance is available as an extended safety option.

Free entrance
Stepping onboard is easy – low entry, a boarding ramp and a kneeling suspension makes entry and exit very quick and efficient. And very uncomplicated for passengers with a baby carriage or wheelchair