Core values

Volvo core values express what the Volvo organisation believes in and, ultimately, help the corporation to endure. The core values drive the development of new product offerings and the way Volvo serves its customers and the community.

"An automobile is made by and for people. The basic principle for all manufacturing is and must remain: safety… On this point, we are proud to be conservative. And even in the future this will remain our guiding light."

Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson, the founding fathers of Volvo.

Quality, traditionally product quality, nowadays also encompasses all the virtues and functions of Volvo products and services which create end-user pride and delight.

Safety is and will remain the most distinguishing core value of Volvo. Safety is historically an integral part of all Volvo products, processes and services.

Environmental care in all operations - from design through production, distribution, service and recycling - is an integral part of the commitment towards customers, employees and the community.