FUPS - Frontal Underrun Protection System

In the event of a frontal collision between a passenger car and a bus or coach, it is the driver and passengers in the car that run the greatest risk of injury. To improve the protection for them, Volvo has developed a Front Underrun Protection System for the new 9700 and 9900 luxury coaches. This system also provides protection for vital components at the front of the coach, such as the steering, to minimise the risk of loss of control.


Tests has been carried out at Volvo Cars' Safety Centre - one of the world's most advanced vehicle safety laboratories. In the test, a Volvo V70 is in collision with a Volvo 9700 at a speed of 50 kph. See a demonstration of how the system works in the FUPS-film.

Volvo Bus is pioneering this type of protection in the world of Buses and Coaches.

Click hereand see a demonstration of FUPS.