Volvo B7R Wright School Bus

To reduce injuries

If an accident should happen it is our aim to reduce, as far as is practically possible, the risk of injury to the driver and passengers. Conditions differ between different kinds of bus traffic. A bus in city traffic, that starts and stops more regularly for people to get on and off, has fast passenger flows and relatively short distances to travel at low speed. Standing passengers in the city buses requires different solutions from intercity buses.

Long distance tourist coaches and intercity buses generally travel at greater speeds, with all the passengers being seated and using seatbelts.

Accidents that happen in this traffic environment are often related to collisions with passenger cars. In such cases the occupants of the car are more likely to be injured than those in the bus or coach. To improve this situation Volvo Buses has developed a protection, FUPS, to prevent passenger cars from sliding under the coach in a frontal collision, which is by far the most common accident type.