Frontline Technical Support
Buses and Coaches are a major capital investment and it is vital that they stays where they belong - on the road. On those occasions when assistance is required, Volvo operators can rely on the most extensive and developed support infrastructure of any vehicle marque.

Volvo Frontline support offers the Bus & Coach operator a complete mobile diagnostic service suitable for today's complex vehicles. With over 25 vans and technicians strategically located across the UK and Ireland, we can provide around-the-clock support wherever you need it.

Each van is equipped with the latest Volvo Techtool computer software, each Frontline Technician has the advanced equipment to help diagnose all Volvo Bus and Coach fault codes. This includes any mechanical or electrical malfunction including engine management system, gearbox, air suspension, EBS brakes, air conditioning and other fault codes.

Volvo bus and coach operators will be able to access the frontline team quickly as the technicians all have individual email and mobile phones. This means personal relationships can be formed to further enhance the Volvo service.

To further enhance our Frontline offering Volvo Truck and Bus centre Loughborough now has a dedicated mobile Frontline Body Support Technician, covering bodies from Volvo, Jonckheere, Sunsundegui, Van Hool, Caetano, Wrights, Plaxton and MCV

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