FR Engine

A Valuable Addition To Our Service Exchange Program - Volvo Quality And Safety - Weigh Up Your Options

Why should operators Experience The Difference?

The Volvo Factory Renovated engine (FR engine) is a new member of the Volvo service exchange program. Providing a unique solution suitable for vehicles over 5 years old and meeting demand from those who are looking for an alternative to the Volvo exchange engine program.

Significant savings off the exchange engine price are provided through the use of remanufactured components and Genuine Volvo Parts for a low overall cost. The FR engine is renovated to a lower level than the exchange and cost savings are achieved by offering a directly sourced supply, smaller product range and limited warranty which allow for a more competitively priced engine for older vehicles.

FR engines are upgraded to meet our Volvo safety and quality standards, and are assembled and repainted by expertly trained factory technicians at our state of the art ISO 9001:2000 and
ISO 14 000:2004 certified Volvo Parts Remanufacturing Centre in Flen, Sweden.

The FR Engine is tested to the same performance and emissions standards as all Genuine Volvo Parts and is certified to, engineered and supported by the Volvo design department.

FR engines can only be ordered when there is a core provided which can be used for overhauling. All the couplings are disconnected between the engine and the bus or coach chassis/body, then the engine and transmission are lifted out in one single unit.

A FR engine is functionally overhauled, all existing parts are disassembled, cleaned and inspected for reuse. Vital parts are gauged and if parts are outside their tolerances they are replaced or machined back to specification.  

All renovated parts are upgraded in line with our latest advances in quality and safety. All damaged parts and liners, pistons and bearings are scrapped.

80% of the disassembled materials are reused and the rest are recycled.  The reused parts save energy and materials and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and thus are an important part of Volvo's commitment to reduce global warming.