Volvo 7900 Hybrid bus

Short facts

Total Weight:
19 tonnes


215hp = 800Nm

Promoting excellent driveability

The 7900 Hybrid has the Volvo D5F 215 hp engine along with a 120kW Electric motor. The Diesel engine meets Euro 5 and EEV Standards using SCR technology. The 7900 can take off silently with the diesel engine shut off. This, and the absemce of engine idling substantially reduces noise.

Intelligent Energy Recovery
Volvo has a unique Principle for recovery of braking energym using the intelligent functions of the Volvo I-SAM. Through close monitoring and and a specially developed algorithm these currents can be controlled and optimised to extend battery life.
World-class driver's compartment
The driver's environment is one of the best available. Clear and logical layout of instruments and control, superb visibility and a seat with very generous adjustment range all contribute to the world-class ergonomics. It's easy to find the ideal driving position, regardless of the driver's height, build or personal preference.

Passenger Environment and climate control
Spacious, comfortable and safe passenger environment with a controlled climate and low noise level. A range of options are available, including a fully automatic and powerful ventilation system with seperate climate controls for the driver.